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It all started with a love for mountain biking. The fun, the adventure, the stress relief, and the friends got me hooked. 

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After riding my mountain bike through another very hot, uncomfortably humid, and surprisingly rainy summer in Atlanta, GA I noticed a problem. My car was nearly impossible to keep clean and it started to smell like all the fun I was having during the weekend. It was embarrassing to pick anyone up.

One Monday morning I decided I had enough when I went to sit in my car to drive to work... and the seat was still damp from my sweat from the ride I went on the day before!

I needed something to help separate my two worlds: all the things I love to do, and the appearance I wanted to show my wife, work, and friends. 

I didn't want to worry about ruining my car and not being able to sell it for as much money. 

I didn't want to waste time struggling with a "permanent" car seat cover because I knew that I'd never take it off once it was on.


So I started experimenting with different ideas... from attaching a tarp to a towel, to tying trash bags around my seat. I wanted to make something that not only kept my car clean, but also made it easier to go out and ride. I wanted something exciting, something that was created with the heart and soul of the MTB community.


Well, after lots of feedback, 4 different redesigns, and years of testing I finally landed on something that I won’t leave the house without. 


Gnar Tarps™ Are Awesome!

It's really nice knowing that wherever I am riding my car will be protected. I no longer have to be embarrassed to give people rides or worry about the resale value of my car.

Forgetting things I need for a ride like a helmet, gloves, glasses or knee pads is a thing of the past. I pack everything in advance using the 1 Trip Clips™. Then I just chuck it in my car - or my buddies car if we're driving together.

Gnar Tarps™ really have made my rides more fun because I can just focus on the trail and making memories.

Do yourself a favor, and get a Gnar Tarp™

...Your Car Will Thank You™

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