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Get The Most Out of Your Gnar Tarp™


If you've just gone on an extra "gnarly" ride you might find that your Gnar Tarp™ has collected a bunch of dirt, mud, or whatever. Be careful when taking it off so that all of that stuff doesn't slide onto your seat. Using one hand fold the bottom half up - creating a little bowl to contain the mess. With the other hand remove the Gnar Tarp™...then just simply shake it all off.

Gnar Tarps don't have to just be used for MTBing...

Going to the lake? Don't soak your seat...bring a Gnar Tarp™!

Going skiing? You get really sweaty and stinky under your winter clothes...bring a Gnar Tarp™!

Going on a road trip? Stop crumbs and spills from staining your car...bring a Gnar Tarp™!


When you're not using your Gnar Tarp™ you can store it in a door, under your seat, in the center console, attached to your headrest, or just toss it in the trunk.

If you don't want to keep it in your car, it can be helpful to bring it inside - that way you can better utilize the 1 Trip Clip™ system to bring gear out to the car.


If you keep your Gnar Tarp™ in your car it doesn't have to just be used to bring MTB gear to/from the car...we've used it for other fun stuff too like beach toys, pickleball racquets, and even groceries. It's actually been really nice to have a pouch in your car that you can use for anything! 


Do you change jerseys in the parking lot? That can get pretty awkward pretty fast...You can use the 1 Trip Clips™ to create a temporary barrier to give you a little more privacy. Just roll down your window, open your door, and loop one 1 Trip Clip™ around the door frame...then loop the other 1 Trip Clip™ around the safety handle at the top of your vehicle. Between your car, your door, and your Gnar Tarp™ you've got a little extra privacy. 

This won't work with every vehicle...and also probably won't work if you're not as slender as those pro XC riders.


If you hold one of the 1 Trip Clips™ in one hand while you're packing up an Expert Gnar Tarp™ you'll be left with a carabiner on the outside of your packed up Gnar Tarp™. You can use this to attach it to a backpack, luggage, your bike, or even the headrest of your car so that it's always there.

Once your Gnar Tarp™ is packed away you can use it as a pillow on road trips! Small, compact, and comfy? How about a nap?

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