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Riding bikes is fun, ruining your car is not. 
Ever feel bad getting into your car when you're covered in sweat, mud, or whatever else you got into on the ride? 
Then you need a Gnar Tarp™


Save time cleaning, retain a higher resale value, avoid awkward "stinky car" moments with friends and family, and support the MTB community by supporting a company dedicated to the MTB community.


If you're a mountain biker who loves to shred, The Gnar Tarp™ is the answer to your car's prayers.

The Gnar Tarp™

$80.00 Regular Price
$64.00Sale Price

20% off

Only 4 left in stock


    • Anti-Bacterial, Waterproof, and Machine-Washable fabric

    • Completely covers virtually all bucket-style seats in any vehicle

    • Put it on or take it off in less than 30 seconds

    • Snug Strap™ helps keep things in place

    • Reversible Zipper Pocket

    • 2 Knee Pad/Shoe Pockets 

    • 1 Trip Clips™ transform it from a car seat cover to a gear bag to bring gear to/from the car

    • We donate $1 to trail organizations for every Gnar Tarp™ sold

    • Designed and made in the USA

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